About Roxanne Wermuth

Roxanne speaks all over the United States at churches, revival services, women’s events, retirement centers, and multiple sclerosis groups. She also engages in print media, radio, television, and the simple-yet-important message of hope as she talks with people one-on-one every single time she leaves home. She gets stopped every time and asked about her tattooed head, which opens the door to talk about Jesus and heaven.

She focuses her message on:

  • Making poor life choices and their negative consequences.
  • Facing impossible, life-altering adversities.
  • Severe depression and the desire to give up on life.
  • Losing everything to gain everything.
  • Her out-of-body experience.
  • Her glimpse of heaven.
  • Life after heaven.
  • The choice to overcome and find positives in any negative situation.