Inked for Eternity Preface:

Come with me on a journey filled with the lowest of lows and the highest of highs.  Each chapter will take you in unexpected directions.  While reading my story, I ask that you substitute my situations with your own personal struggles.  Everyone has adversities to face.  I have definitely had my share and come very close to letting them defeat me. … However, I learned to become a fighter and somewhat of a rebel in the process.  The sheer will to fight saved my life many times because I made a choice.

This book travels through childhood abuse, a heartwarming love story, deep depression followed by suicide attempts, the onset of a horrible disease at the height of a lucrative career, losing everything to gain everything, an out-of-body experience, a glimpse of heaven, and finally, my life after being in the light of heaven.  You will experience how it is possible to find the positive when faced with any negative.  You will learn that you have a purpose to fulfill in your own life.  Most important, you will realize, as I did, that you have a choice.